‘The AfroChampions Initiative’ has been founded by prominent private and public sector Africans in recognition of the fact that the emergence of homegrown pan-African companies represents something very special in the history and struggle of Africa. And that we must act together to promote and harness their success for the continent’s transformation.

Our mission is simple:

To forge innovative partnerships between the private and public sector that facilitate the birth of a critical mass of African multinational companies  and their graduation into African global giants,

To guide this ecosystem of emerging multinationals to accelerate local and regional economic clusters that drive  Africa’s integration, transformation and its global competitiveness.


We are ambitious.

The Initiative is a big challenge but we feel that it is now or never. We have to think bold to achieve impact.

We have a pan African approach

and we want to help create synergies between African economies so that each of them finds a purpose and plays unique role in the continent – as a regional hub, as a center of expertise for some key sectors, as a gateway for international investments, as an industrial center of excellence.

We want to enable transmission between older and younger generations of entrepreneurs,

in order for the AfroChampions of today to inspire the AfroChampions of tomorrow.

We are outcome-driven.

What matters is our progress towards the ultimate goal of a united Africa, recognised as a land of opportunities as a driver of global economic growth.