The AfroChampions Initiative pursues its mission through multiple flagship projects, programs and partnerships under the AfroChampions 2030 Plan.

  • Advocacy on Private-Sector Driven African Integration – this is the primary focus of the Initiative. Through our various platforms led by the AfroChampions Club, we mobilize the power of Africa’s largest companies and multinationals to engage governments and regional bodies and work with them to shape and accelerate African integration.
  • Policy Innovations to Drive intra-African Commerce – Through public-private partnerships, we work with African governments to support policies and public-sector innovations that drive African economic integration, regional economic clusters and regional value chains.
  • Corporate Best Practices that Champion Africa – we are pioneering the AfroChampions Charter, a set of corporate and investment best practice principles that benchmark and guide how African multinationals and companies can champion African transformation and integration in ways that positively impact communities and people.
  • Capacity Building in pan-African multinational management through support for our innovative sister flagship – the Djondo Fellowship. The Fellowship is Africa’s premier capacity building platform for companies in African cross-border expansion and management.
  • Corporate Networking– Through the AfroChampions Club and AfroChampions Summits we offer an exceptional networking platform for ideas, deals and community service for Africa’s biggest corporates.
  • Research, Benchmarking & Knowledge-sharing – we work with multiple knowledge partners to commission and sponsor research into market and policy forces impacting AfroChampion companies, the interplay between companies’ cross-border integration efforts and government policies, and the global prospects of AfroChampion companies.
  • The Global AfroChampions Agenda – Through the African Globalizers Program, we are committed to ensuring that Africa’s multinationals extend their influence beyond the shores of Africa and grow into African global giants that shape the world economy.
  • Celebrating AfroChampions – through the AfroChampions Awards and other platforms, the Initiative honors and celebrates AfroChampion institutions and individuals – from both private and public sectors that are transforming and integrating Africa.