3rd and last stop of the AfroChampions’ West African AfCFTA roadshow in Dakar

3rd and last stop for our West African tour dedicated to the AfCFTA in Dakar. Our partners – the pan-African group ADS and Sy Investments – have gathered representatives from a good number of sectoral and general professional federations. The debate, launched by the Director of Trade Mrs Assome Aminata Diatta, is very fruitful: beyond the issues of cross-border trade, we also talk about financial mechanisms of trade facilitation, investment facilitation and the role of the financial sector in the ZLECA and, as in Accra, importance for the private sector to engage more with the Ministry of Trade and Parliament to prepare the AfCFTA implementation phase. Commissioner Muchanga, who is scheduled to stay in Dakar for a pan-African meeting of Trade Ministers, says he will already be able to make many suggestions to them on the basis of the discussions during the tour.

Key highlights:

Dakar press release

Press review


Commerce africain : Le Sénégal, un moteur de la ZLECA


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