#AfricaPassportNow! – AfroChampions Petition for the creation of a unique African Passport

On 21 March 2018, African Heads of State will sign in Kigali the Agreement on the African Continental Free Trade Area. At the AfroChampions Initiative, we consider this reform to be a major step forward for our continent, which will create the free movement of people, goods and investments. But we want all Africans to benefit as soon as possible from the new opportunities that will come out of AfCFTA – to develop business more quickly across multiple countries, to travel and study across Africa, and to take advantage of opportunities wherever they are on our continent. For this to happen, we need a single African passport – as per the proposal and plan made by the African Union two years ago.#AfricaPassportNowThis is the name of the campaign we are launching to accelerate the creation of a single passport for all Africans.Without regional economic integration, no shared development for our countries.Without possibility for us all Africans to move on the continent, no trade, no knowledge sharing, no joint projects and no economic integration.Africa’s development requires free movement of Africans!Please join our movement and sign our petition.

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