#AlikoDangote #AfroChampion!

The AfroChampions Initiative is very pleased to announce that it received official support from Mr.  Aliko Dangote, Founder and CEO of the Dangote Group and Dangote Foundation and one of the most respected business leaders in the continent. Mr. Dangote has accepted to co-chair the AfroChampions Initiative with President Thabo Mbeki, and serve as inaugural chair the AfroChampion Club which will be composed of fellow African CEOs and invited to work alongside with public committees on the proposed roadmap of regulatory reforms to encourage intra-African investments – the Africa Investment Roadmap. As he has built an empire with a truly pan African footprint, Mr. Dangote, as he explained to us, is keen to see African people focus more on building their continent in a smart way – uniting their efforts and talents, being curious of what each other can bring to the table, and thinking beyond immediate results to include future generations. We very much look forward to working with Mr. Dangote and receive his insight, suggestions and guidance to make the project a success. The AfroChampions of today inspire the AfroChampions of tomorrow!

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