The AfroChampions AfCFTA roadshow starts in Accra!

The AfroChampions AfCFTA roadshow starts in Accra, where we are welcomed, together with AU Trade and Industry Commissioner Albert Muchanga, by the Association of Ghana Industries, represented by Dr. Yaw Adu-Gyamfi. A productive discussion, focusing in particular on the issues of the free movement of goods and services, the need to better explain the AfCFTA to small entrepreneurs to turn any fears of competition into an understanding of new opportunities in a future market as vast as the whole African continent. As a conclusion, the Association of Ghana Industries indicates that it wishes to initiate a dialogue on the AfCFTA with the Ghana Ministry of Trade and the Ghanaian committees of the parliament in charge of economic activities – a dialogue in which Ms Victoria Bright, Legal Adviser of the Council, is invited to participate. AfroChampions Initiative and General Manager of Addison, Bright, Sloane.

Accra press release

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